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Reframe for infinity

Vert: a key bragging right in trail running. Mount Marathon Race in Seward, AK, climbs 3000 feet in 3 miles. PTL(R) (La Petite Trotte à Léon) offers 86,000ft of vert. Arrowhead 135 is generous with PUDs – Pointless Ups and Downs.

How do we live these climbs? Do we count the yards and curse the slope? Do we curse the race director who designed this course? Do we promise never to sign up for this race again? Does the climb drive us?

Reframe the climb: it will never end. Now it doesn’t matter if we are far or near the end. It doesn’t matter whether it is steep or not. Because this climb is all there is, now and for eternity. Now we can manage our energy efficiently and effectively. We let go of that summit, there is no beginning and no ending, no past, no future – there’s only us and our muscles working pleasantly and smoothly – proprioceptive delight. There is only this peaceful moment brimming with incessant forward motion. The world is simple, perfect.

Love your climbs.


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