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Shackleton’s Unfinished Business

Shackleton’s Unfinished Business 100th Anniversary Team Selection at Crikhowell, in South Wales.

Charlie Paton, a polar explorer, opted to include an ultra athlete in his ice team. Through a crowdfunding campaign, he selected 24 finalists among hundreds of applicants. He put these 24 through their paces at the training center for the British SAS. I was one of the finalists and had the pleasure to meet and spend time with an amazing group of crazy adventurers and racers. Triple Ironmans, unsupported bike racing across the US, rowing across the Atlantic and the Pacific… Charlie had put together a most amazing double Dirty Dozen.

The test was both physical and mental. Ex-marine Craig Williams was leading the physical abuse; Phil Quirk and Phil Kelly of HBP Training were leading the mental abuse. It was great.


In the end, Charlie did not raise enough money for the expedition. But he created relationships that last to this day.

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