Jorge is a native of Barcelona, Spain. Fueled by his enthusiasm for space exploration, he created “Life 1”: Armed with two Electrical Engineering degrees, he crossed the Atlantic and worked at NASA planning life science Space Shuttle missions and building astronaut training simulations. Living in the US made the dream of flying planes a reality. 9 years later “Life 2” began. After learning about organization and management at MIT and helping conduct applied research with MIT, he became a partner in strategy and innovation firm Strategos, and has since been helping organizations like Crayola grow and innovate. In his spare time Jorge began flying himself to mountain races and documenting his adventures.

For the past few years, “Life 3” has been a growing focus. Exploring and transcending his physical and mental limits, Jorge has become an accomplished long-distance mountain runner. His dreams of exploration and adventure are now a reality. His finishes include 4 of the toughest 100-mile mountain races in the US. In 2014 his 2nd place finish at the 6-day 155-mile Kokopelli Trail Stage Race showed he is as comfortable in the desert as he is in the mountains. A well-rounded runner, Jorge qualified for the Boston Marathon and ran it for the first time in April 2015.

Photo: Glen Delman
Photo: Glen Delman

Now Jorge is on the ground floor of his next endeavor to explore and share cold latitudes. After learning skills to survive moving through sub-zero temperatures for multiple days, he placed 5th at the Susitna 100 in Alaska in 2014. In January 2015, he earned 6th at the notoriously grueling 135-mile Arrowhead in International Falls, in 40 hours. In pursuit of his dream to cross Greenland and explore Antarctica he completed an expedition team dynamics weekend on the British Special Forces training grounds, in Wales. He has trained with renowned Minnesota polar explorer Eric Larsen and practiced glacier travel with Greenland guide Matt Spenceley. He completed the Yukon Arctic Ultra, a 300-mile race across northern Canada last year.

He scouted eastern Greenland last summer while collecting snow samples for black carbon and dust analyses; he is forging relationships with polar scientists to offer his future adventures as a platform for sampling through unusual routes. In April 2016, Jorge flew himself from Boulder to Baffin Island and skied across the Penny Ice Cap to document the face of a rapidly changing world in word and image. He ran 600 miles of the Iditarod Trail in Alaska last February.

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