Our Work

We help you create and execute winning strategies, capture new growth opportunities and build new organizational capability.


Growth Strategy

We work with you to create and deploy differentiated growth strategies for industry leadership and growth.

We use an insight-based approach to enterprise, business unit and functional strategy that stretches thinking and creates plausible alternatives extending well beyond industry benchmarking or a simple extrapolation of the status quo.

Our approach is based on an ongoing strategy and leadership dialogue, supported by rigorous underlying analysis, to drive strong alignment and strategy ownership.

The result is a strategy that is both aspirational and actionable, with clear next steps for successful implementation.



  • A shared view of the selected strategic destination and the transformation needed over time to achieve it
  • A clearly articulated underlying rationale that supports the strategy choice
  • A specific, yet flexible migration map articulating how to efficiently navigate towards realizing your strategic vision.
  • An understanding of vulnerabilities of the strategy and signposts for long-term monitoring
  • New competitive spaces and specific growth opportunities aligned with the strategy
  • Recommendations on specific implementation steps, including organizing actions, resource re-alignment, strategy management, etc.

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Opportunity Development

We help clients realize the promise of new ideas, both within and beyond your core business.

Our approach focuses on developing all elements of the idea in parallel to deliver insight at the level of the business concept, not just a product or service.

Truly new opportunities often run afoul of stage-gate development processes, which are optimized for the ideas very close to the existing business.

Bringing new concepts to market is about learning and iteration, rather than simple linear evaluation.

We help you turn compelling ideas into marketplace successes.

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Iterative learning and adjustment is central to realizing new opportunities.


  • Fresh insights, about customers, competitors, and more, to “stretch” and differentiate the concept
  • A complete opportunity or business design – not simply a product, service or technology
  • A concrete, yet iterative, plan for opportunity development, with a clearly articulated learning agenda to address key unknowns
  • Rapid, in-market experimentation to de-risk the opportunity by testing key assumptions
  • Rigorous analysis to support development of the business case
  • Clear and specific launch plans for fully developed opportunities
  • Post-launch learning and experimentation to adjust the opportunity to fully realize its potential


Organizational Capability

Sustained performance requires an evolving mix of processes, skills,  and supporting infrastructure.

We have extensive experience in helping companies develop new organizational capabilities.

Our engagements are designed to develop capabilities and instill a systematic, disciplined process and approach to sustain efforts over time.

It’s all about getting to the next culture across the organization to outperform the competition, and stay ahead of upstarts in the industry.

We help you build your new organizational capability.


  • A codified, repeatable process, with supporting organizational performance frameworks and tools
  • Employees and leaders who have understanding and experience in the work of culture change
  • Internal culture change experts who have significant  “flight hours” in leading culture efforts
  • A clear understanding of major obstacles to culture shift in your organization and recommended actions to address
  • Tailored organizing levers regarding structures, processes, metrics, and incentives to embed new organizational capability in your context
  • Skill at designing and implementing experiments for rapid learning and testing key assumptions


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Next Level Health Check

How fit-for-purpose is your organization today? What new capabilities do you need to capture the value of your next growth stage?

An organization is a system of mutually reinforcing elements designed for a specific company’s objectives and context.

We have extensive experience in helping companies get ready to optimally tackle their next set of challenges. Through out health check and diagnostic we help you to understand how well your organization performs relative to your next set of objectives and your evolving environment.

We help you assess your organization’s readiness.


  • A fact based diagnostic and assessment of your current ecosystem with recommendations to adjust, refine and improve your organizational performance
  • A detailed gap assessment against leading and best change practices – within your industry and beyond it
  • A specific list of prioritized opportunities to transform your organization sequenced over time based on strategic growth priorities
  • A shared view among leadership and other important stakeholders regarding your intent and the job you want the organization to perform next
  • Tailored organizing actions regarding structures, processes, metrics and incentives to strengthen and embed new capability