Jorge Latre is an experienced public speaker who has a natural ability to engage audiences.

His talks focus on endurance, resilience, and joy in the context of adventures in the far North through ultrarunning,  flying, and sledding expeditions. They provide insight on mental game, surfacing unquestioned beliefs and looking for more effective alternatives, reframing, finding resources, and developing courage. Expedition photos and videos from the Arctic speak to the visual amongst us.
A unique combination of skills and experiences informs his perspective on change: team member in large, complex projects at NASA; subversive innovation provocateur at boutique consultancy Strategos; adventurer and flyer in the North. Risk management in space, business, and the outdoors. Deep corporate experience as a strategist in a large IT company; broad corporate experience as a cross-industry innovator.

He delivers traditional talks – such as the TEDx above – and more conversational ones, where dialogue helps everyone in the room weave a new perspective on the topic that brought everyone together.
Thanks to his management consulting career, it doesn’t have to stop there. Some of the key concepts of northern adventures are directly applicable to personal and business challenges. Workshops guide everyone to apply the concepts they just saw in action, to their own current challenges. With a workshop, everyone comes out with an action list, most recently in Ft. Lauderdale, during a 2-day meeting of health care CEOs. He has guided crowds as large as 500 through case studies, where teams make choices and get feedback along the way.
Past presentations title sampler:
  • Where will curiosity take you if let it drive your life?
  • Life designed
  • A quest for enjoyment and meaning
  • Flourishing in the Arctic
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